Essential Videos 

Welcome to the stretching video library. 
Each of these exercises are to target specific muscles. If you have any doubt wether you are performing the exercise appropriately, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. 

Disclaimer :

Not all exercise is suitable for everyone.
Please be advised that there are risks involved participating in any exercise program and it is important to practice mindfulness at all time during these exercises to prevent injury. 

The instruction and advice presented here are in no way a substitute for medical counselling.

Please consult with your therapist to determine if certain exercises are suited for you. 

To ensure your safety and obtain the maximum benefits, do not force any of the exercises. 
Some of the stretches can be intense.

Please go gently and be careful getting into them. If you feel pain, gently come out of the movement. NRG Healing Massage assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing the techniques in this video.

Users perform the exercises at their own risk.

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