New Year's goals

We are already at the end of January and I am pretty sure that at least 10 people have asked you about your New Year’s resolution for 2020. If you are like me, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed.

So let s take a moment and regather…

How about starting 2020 without using the word “resolution”, and instead use the word INTENTION or GOALS.

To me, the word resolution has a negative connotation. It is too easy to lose focus and therefor set ourselves up for failure and huge disappointment.

Whereas, setting intentions and goals sounds more positive.

So you have it! Let s start 2020 with new intentions. Whether it be related to health, sport or even in your professional world.

STEP 1 : Think of your reward I would like you to sit down, take a moment, and write a list of 20 things you will reward yourself with along this journey. It has to be :

- something for you

- something that makes you happy

- something you do not get to do often

- something you will be proud to do

STEP 2 : Set your intentions

Most people start the year with unachievable resolutions. The problem there isn’t the goal in itself, it is just that they are very optimistic (well done, it is great to be optimistic!) and a little less realistic which is why most people a few weeks into the new year give up. They changed everything too radically and the body and mind didn’t follow.

The goal is the end result. It is this ideal intention you are setting yourself up for, but the journey to get there can be long and strenuous which is why it is important to take it easy. Step by step, little wins by little wins. So you can curb the disappointment of doing a faux-pas; which is absolutely normal because as time goes by we do change and remodel who we are and what we want. So start to count all the wins days after days.

I would like you to list the answers to your questions:

- What are the habits you have and what would you like to change or leave behind?

- What have you procrastinated about in the past and never got to achieve ?

STEP 3 : How to start

Depending on what your intentions are focussing on (health, sport, work, family…) please keep in mind that it takes 21 days to reinforce a new habit.

Some habits are easy to get rid of but some are much more difficult. I am thinking of things like junk food, smoking, or this “oh so rewarding glass of wine at the end of a difficult day”. It would be absolutely crazy to start changing everything in your life in one go. Be kind to yourself and pick one thing at a time. Just one! That one thing you know you can nip in the bud easily.

I’ll give you an example : Every evening you need something sweet to finish the dinner, usually chocolate or biscuit. The problem is, it’s not one piece/slice that you are going for, it turns in to 2 rows of chocolate or a packet of tim-tam. We have all done that (me included ! and it was a family pack of tim-tam).

Do not worry, I know how hard it is to stop. Instead of completely removing it from your life, how about reducing the quantity of it. Each day, have less than the day before. You still had your treat but you didn’t over indulge. This is THE WIN!

On the contrary you want to exercise more but don’t know where to start, how about going for a walk along the beach or the break wall in town?

Just 5 to 10 mins once a week or whenever you can, but make a point of doing it at the time and day you set yourself to do it. No excuses!

Put yourself first for once. It doesn’t have to be strenuous, it’s just about getting moving again.

And from once a week, you can then increase it to two or maybe three times a week. You can also increase your walk time but always remember to stretch after exercising.

STEP 4 : Reward time! Remember that list of things you did in step 1? There you go! Now is the time to go back to it and choose your reward. I am not talking of a daily reward but a reward every week or two after you have earned it.

Little wins add up to big wins and will get you closer to the better version of yourself. It is also a more empowering way to live your life, by focussing on the glass always being half full.

Talking from experience, I have often set unachievable goals with regards to exercise and only realised that it was all too much for me after injuring myself.

This is why I have stopped setting the bar too high and now focus on trying to become a better version of the person I was few a months ago. I know it is not easy, and boy I am struggling but I know it will get easier and easier as time goes by.

I will be rewarding myself with massage, acupuncture, hairdresser and of course shopping.

How will you reward yourself?

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